A Good Work Out


Straight after a busy day of work I went to the gym where one of my friends is the manager. Usually it’s quiet there at that time of day. Most people go home first for some supper before they go for a workout. Not me. If I go home first, I stay home… So after a warming up I was pushing some weights in an empty gym and as I paused in between 2 sets, Mr. Madly Attractive was standing right next to me. I call him that way because… well, he is madly attractive. “Tired?” he asked. “hmm.. no” I said, trying to ignore the slight twitching of my pecs and biceps. “15 more, I’ll help” he said, with a schmuck smile on his face and while I had been thinking that the 3 sets I had done were actually enough, I just couldn’t say no.

Half way through the set, I could not ignore the burn in my muscles anymore, and whimpered. He helped me lift the weight of me and teased “we’re not giving up now, are we?” The slight condescending tone of his voice made my throat dry but luckily he couldn’t see me blush, since my head was red with exertion anyway, but geez… the bloke turned me on! “6… 5… 4… 3… 2…, 1 more… there… that’s it… good girl!” and with that he put the weight back on the standard and helped me up from the bench and we went on the the next appliance and he kept coaching and pushing me, occasionally lightly touching my leg or shoulder, as if he didn’t even notice. I did… very much so.

When I finally finished my workout, he firmly rubbed my shoulders, grinned and said “now that’s how you should work out.. not the half work I see you doing normally” He had been watching me before. Wow. I just looked at him and smiled meekly. “How about taking a shower and meet me in the sauna after that so you can relax those sore muscles?” he asked and with that he turned me around and sent me off to the locker room with a playful swat on my bum. So that’s where I am now, getting undressed to shower and then off for a sauna… where I totally plan on wearing him out.

♥ Jinx

Skin: Illusory Paige Winter
Hair: Truth Emily
Ears: Slink Sachara
Tattoo: HUZ Tats, Love Luck
Shorts: DeeTalez sportscollection
Socks: Mischief (not available anymore)
Cords: Illusions
Locker room prop: Click
Pose: Del May… I think… I’ll try to be less, uhm, distracted next time

About Jinx Petite

I'm an original SLuicide Girl. Delicious as sunshine, refreshing as rain.....Oh and kinky as fuck... but don't tell anyone? View all posts by Jinx Petite

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