Many Happy Returns

Jilli here, taking a break from celebrating the season the traditional way — sitting on men’s laps for gifts — to enjoy a good romp in the snow.

The holidays have left me with something of a problem. I have a small group of “friends” carefully selected for looks, performance, attentiveness … and time zone. Unfortunately guys get all available and demandy this time of year.

I can’t deny it’s fun to watch the posturing. Less fun being asked to choose.


Glam Affair Eva Winter skin
Nomine Tattoo Eyeliner 1
Negko Design Scorpio Haka tattoo
ByKay Basic Edition Prim Nails
Poetic Star Mercury eyes
SiSSi Lashes 01
LeeL Kolnidur shrug
DuckNipple Viking skirt in red
Rockberry Knit Socks in brown
Maitreya Gold Shearling Boots in black, Voluminous Scarf and Evi Hair
Exposeur poses

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