Unwrapping the Gift.

We all like to unwrap gifts, slowly tearing at the wrapper, your fingers tracing every crease, every fold, every bump. Taking it all in with your wide eyes, eagerly, like it’s the only present you’ll ever have.

I think I’d make a good gift. You never know what’s going on inside, will it be something sweet? Is it something you can use everyday, will it fit? will everyone else have one? is it something you can use over and over and over again until it’s worn out? will you want to return it? Of course I can answer some of those questions with a HELL YES.. I’ll let you decide which and no, you won’t want to return me, I’m sure.

How would you unwrap me? Would you tear my wrapping off slow? would you savour and cherish every moment of me looking up at you, eager to please you, or would you whip it off forcefully, eager to get inside? I know which one i’d rather, but then that would be giving away all my dark little secrets and it’s entirely too early for that.

Am I the gift that will light the match to bring forth the flames, the flames that will bring everything crumbling down and all you will be able to do is stand and get lost in me, utterly. lost. Or am I the gift that will just keep giving?

That’s what happens when you peel back the wrapping of a mystery gift.. you never know what you’re going to get out of it.. how many more layers do you think I have?

Pepper “as pure as the driven” Snow ❤

Hair | Elikatira – Rush
Skin | Ducknipple
Blush | Stellar
Eyes | Atomic
Tattoo | EtchD
Gift Box | Exodi
Pose | Torridwear

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