This is why you’re here…

When you worship me, you devote your entire being to me. It’s not just about your body; it’s your every thought, it’s your breath. It’s a meditation. It’s a prayer. In giving all of that to me you can lose yourself; lose all of the thoughts that haunt you, the feelings that bring you down, the distractions that you inevitably feel from day to day existence, pulling you in so many directions. It’s not always easy to let all that go, I understand; that’s what you come to me for.


I require your full attention, and I won’t have you think of the mundane as you lay at my feet. I will coax you, and lay my whip on you, and demand it from you when your own thoughts try to claim you. Some people practice yoga, or meditate; you can lay prostrate in front of me and think about how lucky you are to be here.

It’s liberating isn’t it? to be given permission to let everything go? to have a single focus and be so completely immersed in the moment that you forget about everything else?

So, if I look at you, and tell you to lick my boot, you better damn well do it.


skin: –Glam Affair– Eva- MedTan – 08
hair: [ 69 ] DIVA – Noir
suit: Graves G206 Defence
tattoo: Chaospire “Spiretribe”
boots: Baiastice Bow-back Boots
jewelry: [MANDALA] TAKAYAMA Face&Ear piercing, TAKARA Bangle/Inca gold & Nail&Ring, & IROHA Earrings/Gold
eyes: Poetic Color – gold flakes opal; (amperlope) sidewinder : lashes; Amacci ~ Donna Eyelashes
riding crop and poses: xoxo ania Yes Ma’am

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