The Essence of Jinx

I got this offline from a reader [01/04 05:52] Xxxx Xxxxxx: Dear Jinx, would you do do a post showing us the most essential you? I’m enjoying SLuicide Girls a lot. Thanks to all of you awesome girls for standing out.

Well my dear, how can I refuse such a polite request. And I’m sure you’d expected some raunchy post about my deepest sexual desires, But when I think what 0r who,  is REALLY me, I mean, aside from the frills and the girly stuff and my weakness for strong, demanding men… I think the quintessential Jinx is craving knowledge. I want to know how things work, I need to understand how things relate, how people relate.  Ever since I learned how to read, and I was an early one, I could read some words and write my name at 4 years old, I have read everything and anything. From the label on the marmalade jar, to my dad’s philosophy books and the information included with my mother’s medication. It was a perfect way to not be noticed, and to impress my relatives with how smart that child was.

Well… I don’t mind being noticed much anymore, but what I still need is to read. I love a comfortable life, however, I don’t need it. But take my books away from me and I crumble. So when I was decorating my new house (and yes, I do that in my knickers. I hate stuff that sits tight around me when I am rummaging in the privacy of my home) , as soon as I put the first books on some of the many shelves, I got lost in Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus, and lost track of time. Her writings are such a thrill, even in 2011. Ah, home sweet home. This is Jinx.

♥ Jinx

Skin by Illusory: Paige
Hair by Truth: Mariska
Ears by Illusory: Elven Ear a1
Glasses by Homespun: Hornrimmed glasses (The pick in Posy Trudeau’s profile is void. I don’t know if Homespun is open atm)
Tattoo by Carmilla Mirabeau: Asian Tattoo (I don’t think it’s available anymore. I bought it back in 2007, I think)
Piercings by HOD: Lust Nipple Rings
Socks by Maitreya: Scrunched Prim socks
House by FunkyJunk: Starlight
Book stool with poses by What Next

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