Me Time

When I can’t be with the one I want and the ones waiting aren’t impressing me I retreat. You know, to get in touch with myself.

I do play favorites. I always have one, one I’ll drop all of the others for. And usually he’s the one who is most aloof, the least available. Most of my boys think they’re that one; I’m good at what I do. But the one who holds my attention the longest is the one who is the least eager for my time. To a point.

I crave the delicate balance of knowing I’m adored — and by one who can stand on his own. Remember, I can’t miss you if you’re always here.

Sure, when he shows attitude I go slip my arms around someone else in front of him. It hasn’t failed, yet. Either way someone is going home with me.


Skin – Glam Affair Eva medium tan 10

Hair – Truth Tatum mocha

Lashes – MiaMai No Alpha Lashes with a.e.meth cat eyeliner 4

Nails – Candy Nail  basic prim brown

Tat – AddiXion Non Omnis Moriar

Outfit – Elymode Estrela skirt brown, Oxymoron Design cotton socks

Shoes – Shiny Things Old Boots in brown

Accessories – Boom Bangled Mess bangles and Ion earrings

Poses – Exposeur

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I'm a SLuicide Girl and alter ego of Feles Seitan. View all posts by Jilli Bean

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