Pepperland – The Rules

Every “land” has to have it’s rules, right? I’m not a big fan of rules, but in Pepperland there are rules and you WILL stick to them, or GTFO.

Rule #7 – Cardio

Rule #7 - Cardio

Oh yes, just like in that other land, except this is a far more enjoyable type of Cardio.. It involves me, maybe you, and lots of panting…  You don’t know how far he had to chase me, to pin me up against the wall like that 😉

Rule #11 – Don’t Tease

Don't Tease... I Tease You

This is only a rule because *I* am the tease here, not you. Unless you’re tracing you fingers up my thigh, then we might be able to come to an arrangement. But don’t keep me hanging, don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Do NOT tease, I’m a good girl… I’ll only be bad if you treat me right, oh so very bad.. what’s that grin for up there?  Well where oh where in the world is one of my hands? 😮

Rule #21 – Make Me Feel It


What *AM* I Feeling?

Make me feel what, you ask? This could be read into in so many different ways.. Do I want you to make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world? Do I want you to make me feel alive? Or do I just want to get down and dirty and feel *it*, badly? What one do you think? I don’t want to feel your wallet… I’m interested in that other bulge in your pocket… Do you have pockets, I don’t think any pockets were harmed in the making of the picture above…

I know you’re wondering what Rule #1 is… Well.. Rule #1 is simply First Come First Served… What are you waiting for?


Come on... 😉

Skin – Tuli – Claire
Hair – Elikatira – Later
Eyes – Exodi – Twilight (Edward)
Clothing – LF (Discontinued)
Tattoo – His – No idea… I’ll have to get him to chase me down again
Tattoo – Hers – LIQSUM – Nightmare
Poses/Props – Rule #7 – CNS Emotion | Others – Frooti/Flowey

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