The Necessity of Getting Dressed

I hate dates. No, seriously, I do.

Or maybe I should say, I hate preparing for dates. It takes so much time. Sitting in front of your closet, trying to decide what to wear, or worse, having to go shopping because you KNOW nothing in your wardrobe will be good enough for that night. And what for? To end up in his apartment and getting undressed anyway? Seriously, I wish we could just forget about dressing.  It’s not that he hasn’t seen me naked yet, or more… I don’t need to be unwrapped like a gift.

On the other hand, I’d die before going out naked. Unlike some around here, I’m not an overt exhibitionist. While the idea of being seen while making out or having sex can be very alluring, I am not provocative and showing myself off all over the place. So  I select my clothes with care. Beautiful stockings, a silky satin garter belt and a corset dress that shows off my curves in the best possible way. I decide to skip the lingerie today, since the dress is kinda providing for that already, and I love the mischievous look on his face when, at supper, he will slide his hand under the table and  up my thigh to discover that  there are no knickers.

So yeah, I’m dressing up like a woman, Even if it is just to make him want to rip said clothes off of me at the first chance he gets so he’ll have the girl in his arms again. I’m looking forward to dessert.

♥, Jinx

Skin by Illusory, Faith
Ears by Illusory, elven 1a
Tattoo by Dread, Old School 3
Hair by Exile, Rayna in Harlow
Dress by ICING, Lorelei (including garter and stockings)
Feet by SLink, Jolie pieds medium
Shoes by Shiny Things, Delphine navy
Build by Nordari, Min.Poegin
Bed by M.Fox (no longer available)
Room divider and stool by What Next, Vintage Dressing Screen & Stool

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