Pose for Me

When I woke up, the sound of water came from the bathroom. He was in the shower. I stretched lazily and  took the time to look around in his loft from the warm comfort of his bed. Last night we both were not really in the mood for a grand tour of MA’s apartment. We came back late from our date, and had other things in mind than that.
The loft breathed masculinity, I can’t describe it any other way.  Sparse on furniture, but what was in there was beautiful. From the soft leather of the sofa and the chairs, to the Egyptian cotton sheets in was laying under.

When he came out of the shower with his hair still messy and a towel loosely wrapped around his hips, he smiled as he saw I was awake. “Good morning sunshine, let me take a look at you in the morning light”. He gave me one of his bright smiles that make me melt and I crawled out from under the covers. Instinctively I caught the piece of fabric he tossed at me and I giggled as I noticed it was a silk blindfold. “WTF?”
He looked down at me from the other side of the bed, and softly asked me if I would be willing to wear that for him. “Pose for me, I want to capture that voluptuous body of yours without being distracted by those gorgeous eyes”  and with that he bent over and kissed me in a way that made it impossible for me to refuse anything he’d ask from me. Mhmm… I’m such a sucker for convincing men.

It felt odd, and sexy to pose like that for him. Not being able to see him, just hearing the clicking of the camera, and his directions to move a little to the left, or to put my chin up a wee bit, but having no idea how he was photographing me. It was fun, and sensual, and we pretty much ended up spending the rest of the day back in bed until, both hungry for food instead of each other, we got dressed and went out to get some.

♥, Jinx

PS: these are some of the more decent pics he took. After all, while NSFW, we wouldn’t want to make this blog too XXX, right?

Skin and elf ears by Illusory
Tattoo by HUZ Tats, Mahuika faded
Hair by Truth, Courtney
Blindfold by Illusions
Poses by Diesel Works, Cyn set
Sky box & Furniture by NotSoBad

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