Show me…

Let’s take a walk… well, you can crawl. We are going to head that way, up the path. What, you didn’t think we’d be stuck in a dark dungeon all the time, did you? No, I like variety, I like the unexpected, I like to explore; and I like to have some handsome or pretty thing following along at my heels.


There is something special about being in touch with the elements. I get energized just being out here, can you sense it? It fills me up and gets me high. It’s good for me; it’s good for you. Take a minute to breathe the fresh air and feel the grass between your fingers.

While you are down there, wipe that spot of dirt off my heel.


This is a perfect place to stop. Now stand up and let me take a look at you; the dirt on your knees suits you. Turn around and show off a little for me; very nice. I see how you are looking at me, too, and thinking about how you’d like to have your hands on me, touching my curves. Think about the things you’d like to do for me, the things you’d like me to do to you. Think about it clearly enough that you can feel it.


Now get back down on the ground, look up at me and hold my gaze, and show me *exactly* how that makes you feel. Don’t look away from me, I want to see you focused on me the whole time.


jacket: Miamai [BlackLabel] Ansiotropic Jacket (long and top only)
shorts: *elymode* Celestial Journey (limited edition black, available in other colors)
skin: –Belleza– Elle BR Tan 15
hair: (Dernier Cri) Zero Gravity (past project themory exclusive)
boots: –TESLA– Kensington v2 (updated for viewer2 compatibility, no inviziprims!)
jewelry: [Mandala] Takayama face piercing, Sinra 2 bracelet set and rings
eyes: Poetic Color Sunny Glade; Infinity and Irresistible Look eyelashes – Crissy Designs
poses & dressage whip: *xoxo ania* Yes Ma’am 2
location: Mirromere and Misty Mountain sims, part of the Calas Galadhon Park

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