Breakfast At Fizzy’s

Now I don’t know about you but when I wake up in the morning I’m ravenous…although not always for breakfast…

Unfortunately my sepcial guest was thinking of his stomach before his….well….his other needs so being the amiable hostess I am, off I toddled in my marabou slippers to make breakfast.

I did encounter one small problem with this plan…I don’t cook. I’m convinced there is a switch somewhere to turn the stove on but I have no idea where it is. Filling my kitchen with cute utensils is one thing, creating a meal with them is an entirely different matter.

This occasion is what 24 hour take out and cell phones were made for. No sooner had I called my favourite little deli where they are only too used to being called at strange hours to provide sustenance to one of my special guests, than I was placing it all on my best dining set and hanging up my apron before wandering back upstairs to show off my cooking prowess.

Of course, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. This will be our little secret.


What I’m wearing;

Skin: :GP: Petal [Dark] Ice Queen-Slush 2

Hair: >TRUTH< Adriana Streaked – hotpink

Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: Field of Dreams Light (Undershirt)

Eye Makeup: Kyoot Makeup – Smokey (Navy)

Lashes: Cheap Makeup Lashes (Babs) 8

Panties: {Luxuria} Alicia –  panties *seafoam*

Shoes: (5th&Oxford) Little Miss Maribou Mules

Cuff: :: MOOD :: Sorella Cuff *P* Onyx

Necklace: ::MOOD:: Downtown Glam Multi Pendant


What he’s wearing;

Hopefully me when he’s finished eating….

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