Laundry Day

Well, my weekend in the desert wasn’t quite as amazing as I had hoped it would be.  I mean, after the roadside breakdown things were certainly starting to look up with the help of the handsome stranger, however when I got to Vegas I found myself surrounded by… less desirable options.  So after a lonely weekend, I am now home and ready to wash away the dust and sin.

I haven’t done laundry in ages, I’m not big on doing chores.  But alas, all my clothes are simply filthy, so it’s time to toss it all in and be domestic for the day.

After loading up the machine, I step back and watch it vibrate and shake, and I think perhaps laundry day is about to get a little bit more interesting…

After the complete lack of satisfaction from my weekend get-a-way I figure I deserve this unconventional moment of fun and relaxation, because really, no one can make you happier than you make yourself.

Don’t mind me… I’m just going to lay back and relax.  Doing laundry really takes it out of you.  I may, however, need to make it an all day event…


Hair – (Dernier Cri) Taylor – Rainbow Shades
Skin – -Glam Affair – Nina 03 one eleven
Piercings – [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Piercings *=* Reverse *=*
Face Tattoo – :Little Pricks: Tell me a Story  Face Tattoo
Cigarette – Action Cigs Set – Grunge
Body Tattoo – :Little Pricks: Love of a Woman
Tank – JANE – intrinsic tank.pinks – salmon
Panties – *elymode* Dulce Panties – Lemon
Bracelets – :: Exodi :: Aidan Bangles (Left);  Mariposa: Aubade Reloaded! – Pearl Bangles (Right) (No longer available)
Shoes – (Shiny Things) Tuli Pumps – gold
Washer and Dryer – -RC- Laundry Machines
Rug – :[MudHoney]: Designs – Distressed Flowers Rug

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