Shall I Compare Thee….

I have been taking these poetry classes since last fall. It’s fascinating and totally different from what I normally do. Well, ok, I admit, my fascination is not so much about the poetry as it is about the guy teaching it. Oh dear… He’s like this nerdy but really sexy man with the deepest blue eyes you have ever seen and ash blond hair that  always looks like he has just gotten out of bed. And his voice… sends shivers down my spine.

Yesterday, he was explaining things about Shakespeare and now we are to write a sonnet in his style… but all I can think of is the way he smiled at me when he read Sonnet 18… Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day…. and how firmly he took the side of James Boyd-White in referring to the subject as a her, while most of the critics agree that Mr. Shakespeare, indeed, wrote this sonnet in praise of a male friend. Yeah, I know, I’m rambling… but dayum, the prof is sexy when he talks analytics. Drool worthy.

Oh well… it’s time for a nice, long shower and a glass of wine and then I’ll start over. After all, practice makes perfect, and besides, I am pretty sure that, if I ask politely, he would be more than willing to give me some private tutoring. Wouldn’t you?

♥, Jinx


Skin by Illusory, Paige
Ears by Illusory, Elven 1a
Tattoo by HUZ, Mahuika (faded)
Hair by LAQ , Horizon and Maitreya, Taryn
Top by Fore, Upper Button Shirt
Shorts by Whippet & Buck, Jessica knot shorts (dove)
Photoble by Mudhoney & Glitterati

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