Going Down?

I am the unluckiest girl in the world. It’s official.

After a night of parading around the city looking fabulous I was calling it a night and heading off to my hotel room to indulge in room service and pay per view when the elevator suddenly came to a clattering halt!

After managing to stay upright and stable on my heels I pushed the call button and was promised a rescue. The problem with that was that rescuing a lady trapped in an elevator at 2am doesn’t happen as fast as one would hope. After an hour and a half and still no movement things were starting to get a little warm and steamy in there and what is a girl to do with no air conditioning?

I admit, the promise of many uniformed heroes waiting for me when the doors were finally opened may have also prompted the removal of clothes but do you blame me?

After nearly 3 hours the elevator finally lurched into life and I prepared to fall into the arms of the first attractive man in uniform I found. I waited in anticipation as the machine shuddered to a halt and the doors opened to reveal….

….no one. It seems that in this modern age they don’t send out police, fireman and paramedics to rescue a damsel in distress. An engineer in the basement takes care of things quite well.

Oh well, maybe next time…


What I’m Wearing:

Dress: Last Call – Donatella (No longer available)

Tattoo: [ addiXion – Liseron ]

Skin: :GP: Petal [Dark] Ice Queen-Charcoal 1

Hair: >TRUTH< Chantelle Streaked – hotpink

Shoes: #OC# Crush

Bracelet: EarthStones Marquessa Diamond Bracelet – Pink Tourmaline

Earrings: =^^= MIAO Karen Earring

Underwear: mon tissu – Floral Lingerie – Black


Elevator prop from Click!

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