I’m Supergirl

I am Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl and even Catwoman all rolled into one – just give me a pair of vinyl stripper boots and suddenly I am that curvaceous creature that leaps off the newsprint with a ‘Kapow!’ and is burned into the collective memory of man-boys everywhere.

It has often been said that within every man there lives a boy, he is the one that is held responsible for impulsive behavior, he can be sloppy and lazy and he might be obsessed with sports, chasing women or any number of big boy toys. In my world these ‘boys’ are very easy to figure out, because these ones collect comic books. They get giddy at the sight of a Superman #22 or an X-Men #67, and they might give up sex for a year for The Amazing Spider-Man #129 in mint condition.

If you are a stong woman, who can be smart and quick with the one liners, always look fierce and occasionally collapse into a guy’s arms unconscious, then you are in for a treat. This often overlooked group of males, who might seem childish at first glance have something much bigger going on inside, they are all harbouring the heart of a hero… except my last boyfriend, he definitely was harbouring the sick twistedness of the villain, but even that can be fun for a little while.

If being a superwoman isn’t your thing, and you would still rather play it safe like a Lois Lane, never fear… she still ended up with a good guy in the end… but her wardrobe sucked.


Skin – LeLutka Mila Raizin – Make-up 4
Hair – Mirai Cuto – Darkcherry
Eyes – MADesigns Promise – Brown Pale 9

Lashes – Redgrave – Elemental Lashes 16

Other Beauty Layers – L.Fauna Extra Freckles – Tan
Tattoos – Ink’D Up – Skully Rose
Piercings – kOwP Hopeless 2 (Face) &  U&R Dogs Candide – Twisted (Ears)
Jacket – Sweetest Goodbye Oh! – Orange
Pasties – Wonder Woman Pasties Set by Gloom Stoanes (found on SL Marketplace)
Shorts – Nylon Outfitters – Booty Shorts Blue
Shoes – Chapeau Tres Mignon – Winged Sneaker Boots (Red)
**Note: These Shoes do not appear to be available at the moment, but I am asking the designer to bring them back… fingers crossed.

Poses – LAPEverglow and Strike-a-pose .

Furnishings by KOPI Furniture.

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