Come to my Window

I got a call during my walk of shame home, one of the boys was waiting for me.

I started working up an excuse for how I managed to lose my sweater, and ways to be distracting if I couldn’t deliver the lie with a straight face.

The best cover is to make him think I’m ready to play. So I told him to surprise me — I like the unexpected, finding something tall, dark and naked warming up my bed. Or lurking in the shadows.

Turns out the subject of my sweater never came up.


Skin: Belleza Erika tan 14 with BOOM Flatter my Eyes grey makeup and Amper Sidewinder lashes

Hair: Maitreya Taryn II almond

Tattoo: Negko Design butterflies and leaves

Outfit: Vanitas Vesture Alchemist skirt gray, Dilly Dolls Stella Dollies II shoes grey, BOOM Cowled Crimson earrings

Set: Furniture from What Next, poses from Diesel Works, house by me.

About Jilli Bean

I'm a SLuicide Girl and alter ego of Feles Seitan. View all posts by Jilli Bean

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