Broken Rules

I broke my own rules. I’m not in charge of this anymore, you are. I have never felt more vulnerable.

I sit, I wait, I pray that you appear, time ticks forward, my will slips backwards.

Check the clock, look out of the window, check my phone, shake my head, feel my heart ache and leap. What have you done to me, no longer in control of myself, I just want you.. in every sense and way possible.

Try to let go, try to forget.. Can’t, you’re etched on my brain. What a Wicked Game, and I’m a willing participant, and there’s not a damn thing I can do.. except wait, and hope.. hope that I regain control.

Hair – Elikatira
Skin – Tuli
Bikini – Canimal (no longer available)
Tattoo – LuNi
Bed/Props – What Next
Pose at Window – Frooti

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