Today started as one of those boring days at work. I have been in and out of meetings and the project i’m on is getting close to the final deadline. Every member of the team has been  delivering their final contributions and I have been checking all the bits for consistency and running a last check on calculations.  Normally I love days like this, but today I just couldn’t concentrate.

It was just after noon when I heard a soft knock on my office door. I expected the secretary to enter with the latests prints of the charts, but instead when I looked up I saw him standing there, closing the door behind him with a soft click. Tanned, sharply dressed and with that look on his face that makes me weak in the knees. “Hey” I said, as I jumped up to give him a kiss “Have you come to take me to lunch?”

Soon as I kissed him he pulled my top out of my skirt and in no time he had his hands all over me and I found myself straddled on his lap, naked and captured in his arms. “Not quite” he growled, in between kisses “I’ve come to take you for lunch…. but I’ll take you to dinner if you’re good to me.”

Skin: LAQ Nellie fair
Hair: Truth Courtney swedish blonde
Ears: Illusory elven ears a1
Tattoo: HUZ Tattoos Por Vida (beta, unreleased to date)
Glasses: Reek Augie glasses
Blouse: Malt Allyn shirt misty grey
Shoes: Orange Creations Chandra heels black
Furniture: The Loft
Pose: Exposeur Sigh No More

About Jinx Petite

I'm an original SLuicide Girl. Delicious as sunshine, refreshing as rain.....Oh and kinky as fuck... but don't tell anyone? View all posts by Jinx Petite

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