Cold, Hard, Shiny

I’m a little bit rough and tumble.  I’m not afraid to admit that.  Fuck the girly girl stereotype that women can’t take care of themselves.  I take care of myself just fine thank-you-very-much.  When someone wrongs me or those I love, I handle the situation.  I carefully plan, thinking about the best course of action; and sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing, since the universe has a way of righting some wrongs.

However, I think we all know that the world isn’t always fair, and we do need to take matters into our own hands.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not the violent sort.  Ok, well maybe I am a little bit, but I’m not *terribly* violent.  But sometimes… sometimes…

You just wanna take hold of that cold, hard, shiny, metal… feel the weight in your hand… hold it against you… feel it’s power…  and then take that power…

But don’t worry, darlings… I wouldn’t hurt you… these are only stories and fantasies, right? ❤


Skin – Glam Affair – Nina 03 one eleven
Hair – [elikatira] Me – Red 10
Eyes – Exodi Au Naturel Eyes (Blue)
Suspenders – *Valiant* black Leather Lyn Suspenders 3
Pants – No.07 :: 07s – Soft Cords Deep Plaid
Shoes – (Shiny Things) Candy Clogs – olive
Facial Piercings – [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Piercings *=* Closer *=*
Face Tattoo – La Malvada Mujer – The beam in the eye #1
Body Tattoo – La Malvada Mujer – La Bocca Chiusa

Poses by Exposeur

Background sets by -CLICK-: Detective Office and Grunge Alley

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