Time To Study

I love studies. There is something so masculine and sexy about being invited inside somewhere usually reserved for the male of the species. The smell….the textures…the lighting…I just find them incredibly appealing and sensual.

I do sometimes get invited into the studies of my special friends and it’s always fun to be left alone for a while. I like to wander around, touching the things so carefully placed, letting the smoothness of the wood (and trust me, there is always so much wood) rub against my skin.

and the books. I adore being surrounded by so many books. So much knowledge. So many stories. Sometimes it just gets too much…sometimes I just can’t help myself…

…but not this time ; )


What I’m wearing (as if you care):

Skin: [ PXL ] Linda G3 Nat nudelips

Hair: >TRUTH< Kitty Streaked – hotpink

Tattoo: [HUZ]-Value Pack-Kanji

Shirt: Ce Cubic effect Shirt_H7(white)

Skirt: Kyoot – Reptilia High-Waisted Skirt Black

Panties: (LoveLace) Cielo . Rose

Shoes: : )( : Oshun Shoes

Glasses: K_gs Panal 1.02

Lip Piercing: *NT* kitty bell lipring

Eye makeup: Kyoot Makeup – Smokey (Aubergine)

Lipgloss: Cheap Makeup– Miss Priss Lipgloss 3

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