I’m a Loner, A Rebel.

I’ll admit I like to party hard, but I like to play hard too. And no, in my world those aren’t the same thing. I like to come home and shed all the night’s affairs… as well as most of my clothes. I don’t want any kind of restraints as I hand out my special variety of ass kicking.


I know, it’s not what you were expecting. But I’ve always been a “gamer chick”. I would much rather be at home sniping the enemy or killing zombies than anywhere else. I get a thrill from shooting a fireball from my fingertips, and there’s all kinds of pleasures in being the sole reason my party didn’t just wipe on that boss.


Yeah, I can tell by the way you’re staring, my geek is showing. The problem lately is that my addiction has a new focus. I’m not after just that adrenaline rush of glory and destruction anymore. Now I’m playing harder for this super hot level 62 elven ranger. I’m not after the boy behind the screen, “ordinary” won’t meet my needs. I want the fantasy.


Don’t judge – we’ve all got our kinks, right? Mine just happens to be running my tongue along those slender, pointy ears while he drags me in close and crushes me against his chest…. scraping his dagger down my spine and making me shiver as he whispers hotly against the back of my neck. Sometimes I think it’s too bad that my secret lover is only pixels…?



Skin: Lara Hurley Skins
Eyes: Laqroki
Hair: CheerNo
Tattoos: KHUSH, Letis, Noir&Noir, Para Designs
Piercings: annaA
Shirt: Nanuk
Panties: Gisaci
Prim Sock/Foot: Maitreya
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

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