Free Spirit

Being traditional isn’t my thing. I don’t fit the stereotypes or fall in line with the norms of society. Most folks don’t get me or understand my basic way of life.

My camper fits me. Everything I need in life is in my camper. A bed, some clothes, and a little food. Admittedly, it does get a little tight when guests are over. Take last night for an example, three girls in the tiny pull out bed can be challenging in a fun way.


Another day, another adventure though. After climbing out of bed I washed my clothes and hung them to dry in the midday sun.

The warm breeze teases me as I do my chores. There’s something about that feeling of air flowing over your every curve. How can I resist dancing naked though the daisies?

But I know I have another visitor coming over this afternoon, and the chores need to be done before he drops by. Wait, what’s that? Did he show up early?


This guy is the treat before another “sleepover” tonight. He turns me on and leaves me oh-so satisified.


Man he sure does know how to make a girl happy…

But now I have the munchies.

hair: Boon
ears: Gauged
skin: Tuli
shirt: TWhore
Skirt: Zaara
feet: SLink
tattoos: EtchD, Essential Soul
bong: FourTwenty Headshop
clothingline: Coopville
background: Picnic, Botantical, Turnip’s, Organica, Second Spaces poses: !bang, Glitterati

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