Painting Nude

I recently signed up for a painting class, just another way for my inner art geek to express whatever little emo tantrum I might be having in a given week. I imagined it to be a very entertaining project, having to spend countless hours carefully examining every ripple and calf muscle on some Adonis for the sake of my art. The reality however was a little less inspiring, as our instructor introduced our model ‘Glen’, a slightly older than over the hill fella (understatement) with bigger breasts that me and the kind of belly that suggested he also moonlights as a shopping mall Santa from November to January.

I tried to take it all very seriously, and managed to get through the class without having to peek out from behind my easel too many times, especially embarrassing was the time poor Glen lost his balance and went tumbling off the podium, true story, and trust me, you have not lived till you have seen aging man parts wobbling all over the place in an attempt to remain upright. Being moi means that I never quite abandoned the fantasy of painting a sexy body, I would have to find a willing participant that was easy on the eyes.

To create a really convincing work of art one needs to carefully apply layer after layer of paint, adding shade and highlight and considering things like composition and perspective. This is completely contrary to how things usually go for me, I am much more comfortable peeling off layer after layer of clothing, I am just as happy with the shades drawn or the lights on,  and the only perspective I care about is the one I have when I am on top. Needless to say I found exactly what I needed to paint a huge grin on my face… and his. Next time around I plan on expanding my creative repertoire to include body painting… Maddy G. is all about ‘hands on’!


Skin – PXL Creations – Linda G3 Tan, Cherry Lips
 – BC322 – Neo, Black
Eyes – MADesigns Promise – Brown Pale 9

Lashes – Redgrave – Elemental Lashes 16

Other Beauty Layers – L.Fauna Extra Freckles – Tan
Tattoos – Ink’D Up – Rory
Piercings – kOwP Hopeless 2 (Face) &  U&R Dogs Candide – Twisted (Ears)
Tank Top – DERP – Lifted Tank, Black.
Undies – League Itty Bitty Tanga, Red.
Socks – Maitreya Scrunched Prim Socks, Black.

On him – PXL Creations Skin.

Poses – Diesel Works

Art Gear by MANNA (Manna Yoshikawa).

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