A Guilty Little Secret

I have a confession. A secret. Something I don’t want the whole world to know. Do you promise not to tell?

Ok, ok I admit it, I like trashy romance novels. Whenever I get some time away to relax and enjoy alone time (not that kind of alone time…) I will always grab the nearest and trashiest novel I can find and head somewhere quiet to enjoy my secret pleasure.

Give me a heaving bosom and a throbbing member and a pair of star crossed lovers and I will be lost for hours. I want to hear about her milky thighs and his thrusting pelvis. I want to fantasise about being taken by a dastardly villain only to be saved by a dashing young hero. Barbara Cartland is like heroin to me.

Of course in reality all I really need is a good, hard, rough fucking….but a girl can have her fantasies.


What I’m Wearing:


Not a lot….


Ok, ok…

Skin: :GP: Petal [Dark] Ice Queen-Pure 2

Hair: >TRUTH< Florence Streaked – hotpink

Shorts: [SC] Surf Couture – Cafe Shorts – White

Tattoo: *Mu Mei Do* Gecko

Glasses: [ glow ] studio – Summer of Love Shades

Rings: Mood Sweet Stacked Pink Burst Rings

Belly Piercing:  G.G Addicted Set604 Belly


2 responses to “A Guilty Little Secret

  • boyo

    I like this. I feel relaxed just going through this post. 🙂

  • Valerian

    Oh I’m with you on the trashy bodice rippers on holiday – but Ms Cartland would not dream to mention thighs! *confession* I actually bought a Fabio book on holidays once. And since I’m about to go on a 2 week cruise, I’ll just be off to the 2nd hand book store… 😉 PS you look gorgeous!

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