Solo Serenade

I’ve always been a music lover.  It started with those first dubbed cassette tapes I waited for…sitting in my big sister’s bedroom floor as the chipmunked sounds of Queen whined from the boombox speakers.  When I got my first CD, I could have done backflips.  And, when I saw my very first guitar waiting under the Christmas tree…now that, was love.

But you see, no matter how much I might love music, I can’t say that I’m the most talented performer.  I stretch my fingers as far as they’ll go, but I swear they just won’t wrap around the neck of the guitar quite right, and a couple of the chords sound a wee-bit sour…but it’s the thought that counts, right?  I put a lot of effort into it for sure!

Of course, though, the good thing about not being so good, is that no one ever asks me to play in public.  And I can spend some alone time…just me and my guitar…without having to worry about getting all gussied up for some big put-on.  And well, you know…the resonance feels all that much better against bare skin…


Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Fair – Stained A3 (LB)
Hair: [e] Just – Blonde 07
Eyes: [LeLutka]-Reflections-Loss-Eyes
Tattoo: [HUZ]-LoveLuck-Faded-Tattoo
Boots: [SC] Surf Couture – Olea Boots
Necklace: [mixxES]feather choker
Bracelet: [SC] Ball ‘n Chain Chunky Wristwear – Earthy
Nails: alaskametro ❤ nail makeup – French Rose
Lashes: Cheap Makeup – Babysitters Club Lashes
Guitar Case & Guitar (with pose): {what next}

About Zoe Loft

Derby doll, shopaholic, and cutesy bitch. For more info, please contact December Dollinger! View all posts by Zoe Loft

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