Rode Hard and Put Away Wet

Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy – Chris LeDoux

I can see you got your eye on this old cowboy, and I can tell you’ve never had one for your own. Or you’ve never been around one. Now you’re thinkin’ that you’ve found one, well it might be kinda fun to take him home.

You giggle every time that I say yes ma’am. And I get this feelin if I held you tight, you’d be seein’ his and hers buckles, boots and spurs, but that’s a feelin’ you’ll get over overnight.

Cause whatcha gonna do with a cowboy when that old rooster crows at dawn. When he’s lyin there instead of gettin’ out of bed and puttin’ on his boots and gettin’  gone.

Whatcha gonna do when he says honey I’ve got half a mind to stay. Whatcha gonna do with a cowboy when he don’t saddle up and ride away …

Credits: Belleza Erika tan skin with AMD Passion eyeshadow, Amper Fanatic Rush lashes and SE Designz buddhism tattoo. Candy Nails Hana red, Maitreya Lotte almond hair, Poetic Star Mercury eyes; SG Shakeit Shirt, iki Rolled Up Shorts, Boom folded wool socks and Gos GTFO boots.

On Mordachai: Hoorenbeek cowboy boots, AOHARU outfit, INDI cowboy hat with hair.

Poses by Diesel Works, LAP, Exposeur and MEYA.

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