The First Dance

Kiki  was always known as the sweet innocent one; if only everyone knew the kinky
dirty thoughts that went through her mind. She is the type of girl that will try
anything once, most of the time the fearless one, but there was one thing she
always wanted to do but never brought herself to go through with it…

…performing in a strip tease burlesque show. The thought terrified her and
excited her at the same time. Going on stage performing the sexy strip tease
in front of several strangers. She only imagined giving this erotic performance
to her boyfriend at home. She sat in her dressing room going over each seductive
move in her head. She stared at herself in her mirror playing with her costume.
She pulled her bra over her nipples just a little bit then slid one side of her
panties over her right hip. Kiki seductively moved her hips… the feeling of
the ribbon tickling her thigh started to turn her on. Her eyes started to close
as she danced alone in her dressing room. This dance was more for her than
anyone else at the moment. She was all alone and her inhibitions are completely
out the window. She didn’t care what she did because no one was watching yet.
She grabbed a towel from her chair and draped it all over her body feeling the
soft cloth embrace her. She slid it between her legs and down her inner thighs.
Her eyes were still closed and she was very much in the moment. Her nipples
hardened as she became aroused and started to moan forgetting she wasn’t
COMPLETELY  alone and then a knock at her door came.. the stage manager was
giving her the heads up it was her time to go on stage. She was a bit
embarrassed as she was knocked back into reality not sure if anyone heard but at
the same time she didn’t mind. She was warmed up and very ready for her first
performance…she  repeated her solo act from her dressing room as if she was
alone again… and this time she got to finish.

Lingerie:BOOM-I Promise Bra and Panties
Necklace1:Atelier AM-Pearl Lariat
Necklace2:Caroline’s-Broken Pearl Strand Necklace
Ring:La Gyo-Anais Ring
Socks:PIG-Knee Sock Suspenders
Shoes:LeLutka-Pow Pumps

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