Pepper and Fizzy’s Big Night out

Once upon a time, two beautiful princesses decided they led such hard and stress filled lives that they decided they needed a night out of fun and relaxation. This is their story.

Fizzy’s Story

So, I was sitting at home when Pepper called me up demanding I get dressed to go out. I tried to politely tell her I was tired but as usual, she wouldn’t have any of it and insisted I go out with her. She was whining and bitching and between sobs I could tell she was upset so I eventually relented and tried to find something revealing to wear.

Once we got to the club she poured pretty coloured alcohol down my neck until I was hopelessly drunk and then dragged me onto one of the poles and forced me to get naked and dance. Totally against my will, of course. I was enjoying the attention and it’s not like Pepper is the worst person in the world to writhe around naked on a pole with.

As you can imagine, after all that drinking and dancing, all I wanted to do was have a little rest and catch my breath but Pepper is such a bitch and got angry with me! I can’t think why, all I was doing was resting my poor tired feet…at 4am….on a sidewalk….actually, maybe I can see her point.

Pepper’s Story

Well first off.. me? The bossy one? Purlease… let me tell you how it really happened.

I was kinda cranky, for a nice change.. I’d had a verbal discussion (yeah yeah, fight then!) with someone and was not feeling my usual self, I just wanted to curl up in my comfy pj’s and sit in front of the TV with a predictable tub of Ice Cream but no.. that was not to happen! Fizzy just would NOT stop calling me! I ignored her calls at least 4 times before I heard a rap on the door and there she was, in her tiniest little dress, her hair done, her face beaming and an absolute refusal to take no for a damn answer. Literally dragging me from the sofa and forcing clothes on me (not many, mind you.. which cheered me up) and then took me to this club…

I’d never seen it before and after a few drinks, I couldn’t see it very well. You know me once i’ve had a drink, my confidence brims over and I just like to let loose. We were just about to shake our little tushes on the dance floor when I spotted him, yes! HIM! He was here?? In a club with strippers and pole dancers? Drunkingly livid was NOT the word for it. So I thought.. FUCK THIS and I started to strip.. slowly at first to grab peoples attention, and once I had enough I lost the lot and thankfully, because Fizzy is such a trooper, she joined in too.

We then spent quite a fair time writhing around on a pole, showing off our goods like drunken little hussies, but you know.. it was fun, it was even better when HE saw and tried to tell me I couldn’t do it, it just made me caress that pole with my thighs even more and shake it like there was no tomorrow, but well, that’s an entire other story that i’m sure i’ll go into more detail with one day…

I’m not sure if that was the highlight of the night… or if it was when, at 4am, 2 highly intoxicated and naked girls decided it would be fun to try and walk home, I just found everything hilarious by this point whereas Fizzy.. poor Fizzy… she’d had enough.

I love my Fizzy ❤


What Fizzy is…umm…kinda wearing

Skin: -Belleza- Melissa Pale 0
Lipstick: -Belleza- Melissa Pale Lip 2
Necklace: ::MOOD:: Madame Royale Pearls (Tahitian)
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: Paisley Temptress Dark
Hair: >TRUTH< Bonnie Streaked – hotpink
Lingerie: [ Attitudes ] Sorbonne – pale blue thong
Shoes: [e] Move Pumps – Powder –
Blush: Cheap Makeup Blush- Bright Rose 5
Eyemakeup: Cheap Makeup Bright Lights 2
Lip Piercing: EarthStones Bali Bead Lip Ring – Moonstone
Ring: Zaara : Raga oyster ring *pearl* (silver)
Dress: (Elate!) Eva (Sky)


Nightclub pictures taken on location at Rouge Boudoir Lounge.



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