What the hell happened last night?

I woke up this morning in typical fashion: last night’s clothes still hanging from my body, hair disheveled, the taste of stale wine and cigarettes in my mouth. I peeked out from beneath the covers to realize I was in my lavish little loft apartment. I rolled off the side of the bed, sprawled onto the hardwood floor, lit up a cig, closed my eyes and thought… wait… how did I get back here?

Eventually I got to the bathroom and turned on the water, hoping a hot bath would jolt my memory awake. I had little hope in this as my body was barely conscious as it was. I watched the sunlight pour in through the windows as I sat and thought… what DID I remember from last night? Where did I go? What did I do?

I lit the candles next to my tub and laid back to grab a loofah sponge, ready to let some soap fall over my skin and sink into my desperately thirsty pores. Before I managed to grab the half-empty bottle, I spotted something on the bath bench nearby: a pair of dirty, grungy men’s jeans. Oh, yes…

As I sunk beneath the water washing the smell of sweat, smoke and alcohol from my skin, a sudden picture flashed before my closed eyes. A diner. A red stool. Hot dogs. Some really bad country music playing from an ancient jukebox. A group of teenage girls had been sitting in the corner, loudly chattering away at each other about dresses and the upcoming prom. The smell of the room was pungent with nicotine and old beer. A typical haunt for myself when I just need to get away.

My name is Kosmo Polityn. I’m a trust fund brat with nothing to do but kill time. Often I put myself in situations that would sometimes prove to be… rather dangerous. On the outside, I am a typical girlie girl with a love for pink, a fortunate living situation and great friends. But you should never judge a book by its cover. You see – I’m a bit of a wild child. I like the feeling of losing control… of giving in to the moment. I like not having to care, forgetting who I am and where I’m from, pounding a bottle of wine here, a shot of vodka there, fading deep into the morning hours with nothing and no one to answer to… wondering where the next blackout will take me. I expect it, I welcome it. I live for it. But that never stops me from wondering…

What the hell happened last night?


Skin - :: Exodi :: Sylvan Lumiere #3 (Rd Brows)
Eyes - :: Exodi :: Riven Multitone - #20
Eyelashes - :: Exodi :: Natural Lash Layer (Tattoo)
Hair - Analog Dog "Dive" in Copper
Shoes - [Gos] 8 Hole Docs in Pink
Top - [Cynful] Dancilicious Sheer Top - Dirty White
Bodysuit - [Cynful] Dancilicious Outfit in Pink
Tattoos - SKINWORX Colors of Sin Tattoo
Jewelry - :: Exodi :: Nyla Set in Pink (Necklace & Belly chain)
Cigarette - FNKY Long Ash Cig

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