Testing the Waters

The change in the weather has my thoughts racing — to being stripped out of my bulky sweater so I can feel the heat on my skin. To dive head-first into new adventures. Pity, that means I have to shed myself of a few anchors.

I’m a bit more tentative about testing the waters than I appear.

I tend to cling to a few safe harbors. Until the waters become too calm and find myself craving the excitement of the unknown, the challenge, as fleeting as it might be, of wading into a new pool of prospects.

All I need is a little encouragement.

Credits: Glam Affair Eva medium tan skin with Elymode Basic Shadow purple; Rezlpsa Loc Frances and Caroline Afternoon 1 pm hair; Page 3 Rings & Nails; HUZ Oriental Black tattoo; Poetic Star Mercury eyes; Amper Frequency Hijack lashes; Nomine Zoon Sweater violet; Indi Lilly shorts; Dilly Dolls Freddi lace boots; Dutch Touch Fishnet Stockings. Uses xoxo Ania Unfold and Frisky Faun poses.

About Jilli Bean

I'm a SLuicide Girl and alter ego of Feles Seitan. View all posts by Jilli Bean

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