Playing On Rooftops

Well fuck. Only 2:10 a.m. and this one couldn’t even wait until after sunrise to leave. At least this once I’m spared the next-day awkwardness of one-night stands.

Tonight was a little crazy. Another night of underground drag racing. The sight of neon cars, LED lights glowing and the sound of engines revving always puts me in a mood. I’ll admit my thoughts aren’t always the most innocent during these events – watching the guys handle the tight curves of the road only makes me wonder how well one of them can navigate my curves. That’s probably how tonight’s winner found himself back at my place… a little flirting, some playful wrestling… handcuffs, clothes on the floor, a few broken sculptures– fuck, I really liked that vase too. Maybe using the dresser for support wasn’t the greatest idea…

I escape to the rooftop of my urban apartment building just to clear my head. I try to not let my thoughts linger over any encounter for too long just to keep myself from developing any sort of feelings.  The cool night air accompanied by the city lights and faint hint of stars always helps me relax. But why do I keep thinking about this one? Not even worth the second thought really… but I still can’t stop the scenes of tonight’s affair from replaying in my head.

I close my eyes and reminisce about it all. My shirt gets tossed aside, again. Images continue playing back behind my lids – being pinned down just the way I like it, the clothes being torn away so easily to reveal the skin underneath, the feel of his breath on my neck as he leans in close… My hands trail over my body as I reenact every moment, every touch.

The only thing that snaps me back to my senses is the sounds of footsteps coming from behind the roof access door. Fuck, I was just getting to the good part. I hear the fumbling of the door handle and make a quick escape, hiding behind a wall just to avoid getting caught.

I was in such a hurry that I skipped the hassle of putting my top back on. I catch a glimpse of my mysterious neighbor who ruined my rooftop fun as I sneak back inside the building. He was looking quite confused at the sight of my top left behind on the bench. Heh, probably pondering what could have lead to the loss of a perfectly good shirt. I can only hope that this stranger is willing to return it to the owner for a little reward…


Skin: LAQ – Tess 2 (Milky)

Hair: Elikatira – Want (Red)

Tattoo: Para Designs – Flaming Skull (Color Medium)

Piercings: HoD – Bitten v1 (Silver Lining)

Tank: Decoy – Rei Tank (Pink Lemonade)

Shorts: Whippet & Buck – Jessica Knit Shorts (Pebble Cream)

Poses: Long Awkward Pose, Reel Expression, !bang

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