Anata mo Watashi mo Pocky

Every now and then I pick out a new manga and spend an evening alone, sprawled out, catching up on the whole thing. I’ve always been a bookworm, so I usually pick the print version of a series rather than the animated version just to feel the pages warming under my fingers. Reading Japanese books back to front takes a little getting used to at first, but eventually you don’t even have to think about it.

It’s impossible for me to get 100% comfortable without a snack, though. If Anglophiles settle down with the Brontë sisters and a cup of tea, and Francophiles pair their Sartre with croissants, nothing puts me more in the mood for manga than a box of strawberry Pocky.

Chocolate Pocky is okay (if you’re the most boring person ever), green tea flavour is fine too (if you’re more into shogun than shoujo), but as far as I’m concerned nothing can replace that perfect shade of Sanrio pink. It goes well with more than just reading, too. Movie night, raid night – hell, if you don’t skip your post-coital cigarette for a stick of pocky, you’re never going to see my glorious Hello Kitty duvet again.

My beloved Pocky is just about the only thing I’m willing to share. I learned that lesson after I lent a Masamune Shirow artbook to a guy with a bit of a Motoko fetish (am I the only one who appreciates her character development a bit more than her heaving assets?) Well, 18 tragically sticky pages later, I lost a guildie and learned never to share something I wanted back unsoiled. So, you know, don’t take it personally that I’m keeping tonight’s comics to myself, but would you like a stick of Pocky instead?


Skin: Pout by Curio
Hair: Veruka II by MAGIKA
Eyes: Human Eyes by Acid & Mala Creations
Tattoos: Kitty Tattoo Ver 2 by Cherry Girl and Sugar Rush by *katat0nik*
Underwear: Lia by [ eVe ]
Shoes: Heart flat by G Field
Nails: Posing Nail by Love Soul
Pocky by Atypical Mouthies
Poses by aDORKable and Poseur

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