Just A Taste

I was born in the heart of the swamp.

The crickets at night sung to me of brighter lights and dreams of the city danced in my head. While most girls dreamt of getting married or raising babies.. I dreamt of the burlesque dancers, the pin up girls.. the girls with the come hither stare watching me from the back of men’s magazines.

I wanted to be them. Those glamorous girls draped in silk and feathers with a song to sing. Women of the world that could make breath stop with just one glance.

You know the ones, those unforgettable sirens.

Such long nights of lying awake.. my body so hot and humid yet sticky sweet from my lingering thoughts of those women. Vividly languid dreams with a dusting of freckled stars when finally I would close my eyes submitting to sleep.

I grew up fast and left the swamp at age seventeen. Life was not very kind but every scratch became worth it. Every time I got pushed around or told no I got right back up. Every heart I broke never mattered but one and I know that she is out there.. just as I know that my heart will find hers again.

Where am I now?
Everyone wants a little taste of Honey. Men, women and even those in between. They come to watch me sing and dance but I can tell that their thoughts fall to the pleasures that they will imagine that my body can give, each sigh or the dip of my fingers accidentally bumping into yours.. it’s all calculated, planned and precise.

When I sing, or dance or walk into a room I feel alive and imagine that I am making love to each and every one of you.

You see for me its an art and I never take my work home with me and what you see of me can only be seen from the stage, unless by some rare chance I should deem you worthy, but beware..

Its never an accident that my hips press to your hand or that my almost gentle violet eyes can draw you in, rendering you helplessly my victim. I almost feel sorry for you then because then.. I will make you willing to do whatever I wish while you think it was your idea all along.

I will be there purring in your ear while you drape me in diamonds and pearls.. endlessly unforgettable, your muse.

Outfit Credits.

Pic 1, 2, and 3:
Furniture with poses by Soap.
Pose: SLG Pic two and three is by Del May

Hair: Kin
Skin: League Amber in Wine.
Tattoo: Garden of Ku
Socks: Ninko
Boots: Gos
Taken in the Missing Mile Swamp

SLG 4 & 5
Hair: Vanity
Skin: League Amber in Wine
Outfit and makeup: deviousBeauty
Tattoo: Garden of Ku
Shoes: Maitreya
Poses are by Di Hoorenbeek for Di’s Opera
Skybox and Background furniture is by reBourne.

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Honey Vesper is the much sexier doppelganger of Second Life Resident Sylvia Olivier. View all posts by Honey Vesper

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