Why, Hello There!

So, you’re wondering who’s the new kid. I’ll start off by taking you just a year back. My daddy is an investment banker and my mother was one of the few female barristers in town. My parents sent me to a prestigious boarding school in England. I had millions of friends, even the teachers were very friendly. We were taught to be ladies in addition to the usual subjects – chemistry was my favourite. As head girl, everybody looked up to me and I felt honoured. Also, I had the cutest uniform, thanks to me, of course. Here, let me find an old picture..

Yup, that’s me, aged 17, taken by my boyfriend at the time, George from Eton College. He liked to surprise me with picnics, isn’t that sweet? Anyway, back to my story.. Being head girl was amazing to start. Endless streams of people wanting to talk to me all the time. The teachers trusted me and my judgement on a lot of things. It was definitely fun, at least for the first few months! The pressure of being good as everyone watched through critical eyes soon bore down on me. I started to hate the role. I hated the way people saw me as “Miss Goodypants.” I hated that I was expected to excel in my studies and that I had no choice in what I wanted to do. I longed so much for freedom.

It was nearing the end of my last term when I finally imploded.  I screamed at the head teacher, swearing – I can’t believe I said the f-word! This got me “suspended” for four days. They thought it was just a strange blip and that I’d come back to my senses after my days off; my normal, composed, sweet-natured self. Guess what I did during my time away! I got tattooed. Yea, I know, right?! Oh my goodness! Without my parent’s consent, I went to a tattoo parlour and asked for a few large stars to be tattooed on my forearm, where everybody could see.

Back at school, everybody whispered and gave me dirty looks as I walked past. This felt different but in a very good way. Needless to say, my head girl status was removed and I was sent home to my furious parents in Manhattan. I packed a few bags with my favourite things, not forgetting my bank card, and left. I drew out all of the money daddy had in my account for me to go to University. Since then, I’ve added to my tattoos, expressing my anger or frustration through them. I’m also quite comfortable in my little rented studio flat now. I work in an art gallery during the day and by night, I earn part of my keep as a live gig photographer.

I think daddy would be proud, don't you?


School Uniform  
Hair: >Truth Hair< Francesca
Blazer: {mon tissu} Rockaby Blazer 
Shirt: /artilleri/ darla top
Skirt: ~hanamachi~ navy pleated skirt
Glasses: Reek - Denton Shades
Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Moxie 
Rings: Mandala/femaile/SINRA
Neck Bow: MIEL ELLE UBER bow

Lounging Outfit 
Skin: Curio Pout in Acorn
Lashes: LeLutka - 2011 Lashes 
Hair: Magika Hair // Pixie
Knickers: [Whippet & Buck] Grace Knickers
Tattoos: Garden of Ku - Rock & Beers
Bubblegum: [Pink Fuel] Yum Bubblegum!

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