Turn Down Service

Long, wild nights of partying. Spontaneous days that involve being being whisked away to far off locations for some quality play time. Carefree moments walking nude on a public beach with the thrill of not being caught. Participating in stunning exotic photoshoots…My life can be very sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.

But today….oh today. Today I am fucking bored.

It’s one of those days where i can’t escape mundane activities of the normal world. My sister manages this hotel, and well, she called in a favor and I have to cover for an employee on vacation. UGH. Whatever. I guess the extra cash isn’t so bad considering what my bar tab was last night. It’s not peak season and the place is virtually empty so I’ve spent the day texting away trying to get my devious plans for this evening in order.

Almost done, just 30 more minutes…WHOA, wait…what? Helloooo Mr. Suit.

We chat and innocently flirt while discussing my plans for this evening. He tells me room “1032” is perfect and he’s enjoying the hotel. Hmmm did he just drop me his room number on purpose or am I reading too far into things? This place has a strong policy against employees fraternizing with guests when off the clock. Good thing I’m not technically an employee.

Turn down service? Sure, why not…

skin: Curio – Luster
hair: Truth – Midori
eyes: Esuga – slither
tattoos: Aitui – Aviation and KoQStar
jacket: Coco – Black Tuxedo Jacket
shirt: Pig – Day Lillies Camisole
tie: Phoenix Rising – Push Femme Black
pants: Atomic – Bleached Jeans
glasses: Gritty Kitty – Prehistoric Glasses
gauges and septum: Cobrahive

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