Sometimes, a girl just has to take a little time to get away.  All the hustle and bustle of everyday life can get to be too much – not to mention cause wrinkles, which are definitely not something that I’m in the market for!  So, I decided to take a little trip, and a little time for myself….

There’s no better getaway than the beach.  The warm rays of sun against my skin are enough to make me giddy for days, and the sound of the waves crashing on the sand is sooo relaxing.  Being here makes me forget that winter even exists at all!  All the nasty clouds and slippery ice is but a distant memory as I simply enjoy the grittiness of the sand between my toes.  Ahh…relaxation AND exfoliation, all at once!

The only thing missing from this perfect weekend getaway is someone to rub me down with suntan lotion.  But judging by how red my skin is already, I think it may be a teensy bit too late for that.  So…who wants to bring the aloe?


Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Fair – Stained A3 (LB)
Hair: [e] Alright – Blonde 02
Eyes: [LeLutka]-Reflections-Loss-Eyes
Tattoo: [HUZ]-LoveLuck-Faded-Tattoo
Swimsuit: *BOOM* Infinity- Hearts Hot Pink
Bracelet: [SC] Ball ‘n Chain Chunky Wristwear – Fruity Patootie
Lashes: Cheap Makeup – Babysitters Club Lashes
Piercings: .HoD. Bitten v1 – Razor, Dimpled Piercing – Razor, and Thrust Piercing – Razor
Sunburn: Reek – Sunburn – Full Burn
Sunglasses: /emery/ *Las vegas sunglasses*

About Zoe Loft

Derby doll, shopaholic, and cutesy bitch. For more info, please contact December Dollinger! View all posts by Zoe Loft

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