What Lies Beneath

slg - beneath

I’m not much for dressing up. Too much fabric makes me feel restrained, and not in the second date activity sort of way. Sure I appreciate the occasional glance from someone who notices I spent more than 30 seconds on my hair. Better from someone trying to guess what I have on underneath the dress.

After a long evening of polite conversation over drinks that would have been way better without the mixers straight from the bottle, I can’t wait to rush home with whoever is lucky enough to hold my attention.

SLG - beneath 2

Tonight’s after-party includes someone with a quick wit and a willingness to leave before the newspaper hits my doorstep.


Body: Belleza Erika tan and Negko Tattoo 46 Lotus Trap

Hair: Exile Lulu and Sasha chestnut w/hairbase

Nails: Mandala Takara Oriental Forest Green

Outfit: Elymode Vita dress purple, Gos 8-Hole Docs, Boom Cuffed green socks

Accessories: Aglaia Glam earrings and JD design INKA bracelet

Poses: Diesel Works and xoxo Ania

Set: My house with What Next and the Loft decor; flamingos from Artilleri

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I'm a SLuicide Girl and alter ego of Feles Seitan. View all posts by Jilli Bean

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