J’aime le matin

Ahhh the Morning, my tres favourite time of the day. I absorb the serenity, glad to be home, enjoying quiet of this time, so silent I can hear the ocean tickling the rocky shore near my home, like a soft Lullaby in time with the beating of my own heart.

Morning is the time that finds me returning home from the previous day full of escapades and p’tit adventures.  I undo my vintage garters and carefully remove my fine silk stockings, enjoying the sensation as they slide down my long legs and placing them, with the rest of my clothing to be taken care of by my personal maid.

I saunter onto one of my high balconies to let the warm rays of the sunrise soak into and sooth my fully exposed body.  As I draw deeply on my cigarette, I am not able to suppress a smile as I remember the highlights of my previous evening.

The men, each posturing like roosters attempting to gain my attention, dazzling me on the dance floor with their skills and trying to out do the other, ensuring that only the finest wine was in my hand at all time, and the most charming of compliments flowing from their lips.

Of course I reward each of them with appropriate flirting and some are even allowed to whisper in my ear and kiss my cheek, as they, remaining gentlemanly at all times, try to subtly convince me of their worth and abilities.

I never make my mind up, until the very end, which man shall be my prize, my toy for the evening,  who I will *allow* to persuade me to accompany them home.  I take one last deep breath and exhale slowly, watching the smoke drift off, before retiring to stretch out on my plush bed, the luxury of the  fine silk sheets soothing me to sleep and dream for the entire day.

It is not easy being moi, and so I must pamper and get my beauty rest, before I start again with my shopping and flirting. Please do not be jealous, it is not becoming and only serves to make you less desirable. *wink*

Style Credits:

Hair – Oceane from Exile
Skin – Mary from Glam Affair
Eyes – Sunrise from Fashism
Eyeliner – XGen Makeup from Miamai
Lashes from Garage
Dress – Summer Romance from Salt
Tattoo – Pretty Things from Psych0

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