The First Day of School

The first day at a new school is always tiring.  Having to adjust to a new building, new requirements and often the horror of new students is never fun.  I’d spent the past 3 hours after school let out trying to get things organized and dying to get home so I could watch the newest episode of Glee I’d recorded the night before.  I rested my head on my desk, exhausted and completely stressed out.  I didn’t even notice he was standing in the doorway until he spoke.  Mr. Dillon, the amazingly sexy 11th grade english teacher, grinned at me, “rough day?”.  I nodded, his cocky smile making me bite my lip.  He had this air of confidence exuding from him that made me want to rip his clothes off.

Pic 1

He must’ve seen me blushing at the thought of him naked as he walked into the room.  Our eyes locked as I stood and straightened my skirt, he looked me up and down before giving me that swoon worthy smile again.  In one swift, smooth movement he pulled me to him, lips locking in an electric kiss.  “Let me help you relax,” he said, and I let him, I so let him.

Pic 2

While frantically pulling each other’s clothes off he seemed a bit shocked at the sight of my tattoos.  I’d always made sure to keep them well covered, no one needed to know my secrets.  That is….unless I let them.  I shoved the items off my desk, the pencils and papers flying to the floor.  He raised an eyebrow as I grabbed him by the tie and pulled him onto the desk with me. I secretly hoped that someone would hear our moans even though I knew the building had to be empty at this point.  We stood silent for a few minutes afterwards, both still attempting to catch our breath.  I giggled when I thought about what had just transpired between us, about the new notch I could put on my bed post.

Pic 3

He dressed quickly but before he left wrote his number down in my daily planner.  I told him I’d be sure to give him a call the next time I had a rough day.  He laughed as he left the room.
I think I may like working here after all.

Pic 5

Cardigan – Emery – Blazer Birded
Shirt – G*Field – Charlotte
Skirt – {mon tissu} – Highland Skirt
Underwear/Stockings – Maitreya – Girdle/Bra Top
Glasses – Reek – Aeroplane Glasses
Shoes – Kookie – Vo Pumps
Skin – Curio – Pout
Tattoos – GoK – Sacred Blood
Hair – – Tatum

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