Memento Midori

In the circles I run in, it’s essentially a mortal sin not to respect the legacy of 8-bit gaming. Likewise, if you can’t appreciate the traditional elements of Japanese culture, you’re going to get some static. I’m not a fan of changing interests for the sake of fitting in, so for a long time I was flat-out uninterested in kimono. They just didn’t feel very “me”.

A kimono can seem to bury your figure in folds of stiff cloth, and I’ve always been fond of my feminine curves. Of course then there are all the rules, and unless those rules come with riding crops I’m not the only SLuicideGirl who’s going to lose interest. I enjoy bucking the rules of a particular style to spite the people calling themselves authorities… But kimono are different. It’s not just some bitch running a forum telling you what is and isn’t steampunk– it’s fucking centuries of tradition that do deserve some degree of reverence. Tying my obi in front implies that I’m a prostitute? Well great, I just thought it looked cool.

So what changed my mind? A lot of my favourite subcultures started borrowing from kimono aesthetic, trading lace headdresses for hairpins and kanzashi and pop prints for cranes and camellias. Then there was Muramasa: The Demon Blade, a stunning game with a kickass heroine who totally rocked a miniskirted kimono. The only reason kimono hadn’t seemed very “me” was because I hadn’t found the right inspiration (admittedly that inspiration just happened to be attached to a set of dynamite thighs.) As for my old foe the obi, I always remember to tie it in the back. I wouldn’t want to give anyone the wrong impression, would I?


Skin: Megan by dUTCH tOUCH
Hair: Luka and Tempest by Exile
Eyes: Ellis by LeLutka
Pic 1 Outfit: Kohiwataru by BareRose
Pic 2 Obi: Obi Azisai by =FUKUNEKO=
Obijime: Obi Chain Green Rose by Sakka’s Studio
Tattoos: Japanese Water Tattoo (Faded) by V TATTOO STORE, and Kitty Tattoo Ver 2 by Cherry Girl
Kiseru Pipe: Smoke Pipe v.1.2
Glasses: Daniel by NALA
Nails: Ethnic Girl Emerald by Love Soul
Poses by doremi

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