Widening Horizons

You know, I’ve been pretty quiet.   I blame him, yeah him… It’s always about him, or well it was.  From now on it’s going to be all about me (who am I kidding, we know I have it bad).

So I slouch around in my undies, hugging my pillow tight, watching romantic films on repeat until my mascara stained cheeks can take no more, I despair at myself for the thoughts that run through my mind, eventually I pick myself up, get myself sorted and head on out to party until dawn… I wipe down the mascara stains, I gloss my lips and I head on out and I won’t return until i’m satisfied.

The best thing about partying until dawn, is that you get to meet a wide range of people, those that you never wish to see again, those you think you can befriend, then those you know you want to spend the night with… just one night.  You know the type of person, while you’re shaking your thing on the dance floor you can see them looking at you, not quite brave enough to come and say hi, just sneaking peeks at you as your body writhes, and hell, if you’re me, it makes you writhe even more.

Then you play them at their own game, a little game of hide and seek but with a twist, I like to bare a bit of flesh when I play hide and seek with someone I want, it’s all the more tempting, right?  Just a little peek and usually they come falling at your feet… it pays to be assertive and despite my innocent, demure self… I can be aggressive and assertive to get what I want…

Nothing like a good long soak after all that writhing, sneaking and asserting yourself… is there 😉


All Hairs from Truth  – Skin | League | Sia – Pose Props from LAP | Glitterati – Underoos | Winter Moon – Dress | Linc


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