Delayed by the Rain

The day was starting to look like a total bust.. the rain didn’t leave any room for any of the things that I had planned to do on my day out with you. As soon as I stepped off the stoop of my apartment I knew the tiny little skirt I had worn for your benefit had gone to waste. My clothing clung to my body soaking me through and through from head to toe. Damn, the rain.

You sent me a text saying that you were running late and that you needed to change at your apartment but I was already here and as a first date, even though we’ve been friends for a long time.. this sorta knocked off a couple of points. But the day is still young and I just might have a surprise for you.

Instead I let myself into your apartment with that key that you keep under the mat. I went in to check out your place admiring the decor and found a beautiful bronze tub and lit some candles. I helped myself to your wine and I put on music that made me feel like swaying my hips.. you know the kind. I couldn’t resist your tub and I was already soaked.. so I figured maybe just a dip..while my clothes dry.

What a surprise it would be for you with me in your tub.. naked, caught.. you might have no choice but to do to me some of those things that you’ve only secretly alluded to.

I’m perched, with my toes dangling down in the water smoothing my hands over my legs waiting for the temperature to be just right. Sneaking in your apartment gave me a much-needed thrill. My heart is racing now because every sound that I think I hear I feel a little jolt and I will be discovered by you. So I let my fingers play a bit smoothing out any first date jitters.

My eyes lower and I can almost feel your breath on the back of my neck growling at me in that voice that I’ve only heard on the phone very late at night. I let out a little moan and linger further touching just before I slide down into the water letting the steam rise.

My hands slip under the water again and the wine is starting to make me dizzy. I can feel my body start to tremble a little thinking of the last time I saw you on your motorcycle looking every bit the part of my fantasy. I cannot resist a bad boi, a big butch daddy clad in denim and leather and no matter how I try to hold on to my composure.. I come undone for you. Somewhere in between all the innuendo I am faced with this strong desire to submit to you anything that you desire.

I can feel my face flush perhaps from the wine or perhaps from the fact that I am getting ahead of myself. I must have been in this tub for a while now and still you are nowhere to be found. I step out of the tub wrapping myself in a towel and walk around your apartment once more before finding your bed, it’s storming outside and there is a text now saying to let myself into your apartment and make myself comfortable and you will be here in ten minutes..

Well, wont you be surprised to find me naked in your bed?


Hair: Truth
Skin: League in Amber.
Stoop: Somewhere in Perdition.
Skybox: Freebie from Kean
Shirt: NinkoTattoo’s: Para Designs
Outfit/Lingerie: Trashy Girls in Style
Stockings: League
Piercings: House of Darcy
Mary Janes: Shiny Things
Furniture: The Loft

About Honey Vesper

Honey Vesper is the much sexier doppelganger of Second Life Resident Sylvia Olivier. View all posts by Honey Vesper

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