Army Training Is Fun

In high school, excuse me, I mean secondary school, I met tonnes of people but only kept a small group of friends close. A lot of my friends are also my ex’s friends as we hung out so many times in Windsor on our days out of school. His friends also did extra curriculum activities such as rugby and polo, and I went along to their matches and games. Battles of masculinity, pumped muscles and perfectly chiseled, sweaty faces. Why not?


So, I guess you’re wondering why I’m in army gear.. right? Well, amongst these beautiful, pure-bred, aristocratic boys, my ex went on to join the army after he left university. With a degree in law, we’d never know why..maybe it was the injustice he was seeing that drove him to fight. I don’t know. Anyway, he invited me to go see him in action! Don’t worry! Only in training! Yearning to meet up with the boys for cocktails again, I flew out without a second thought.

So I flew into Heathrow, early morning, where a bunch of uniformed army boys (including caps!) took my luggage to the Rolls in which my friend was waiting. Arriving at Sandhurst, where the Royal Military Academy is, Army Boy got out and opened the door for me. Ever so rugged and handsome in his uniform, he looked so different from the clean-cut, immaculate boy I used to know very well.  Immediately, he got me into a spare army kit and marched me out into the training ground. Army Boy handed me a gun. Apparently this one only shot pellets.. I don’t know, I didn’t dare fire even if it made me feel powerful. Men. Real men.. crunching, jogging, crawling, sweating, pressing, firing, marching, crouching…in fitted uniforms dusty from the sand… Mmm!

Rolling around in the sand, pretending to save lives is exhausting. As sun was setting behind the shelters and everybody was retreating for dinner and rest.. wait.. I don’t need to tell you what went down.. or who…

I’m forever proud of my very own British G. I. Joe.


On Lolli

Skin | Curio

Hair | Magika

Lashes | Lelutka

Tattoos | Garden of Ku & Aitui

Facial War Paint | Little Pricks

Tank Top | Suicidal Unborn

Army Pants | TonkTastic

Boots | Gos

Piercings | Nox.

Dog Tag Necklace | Mandala

Gun | Syldavian

Poses | (in usage order) D•Luxx by Sapphire Coakes, DemiNation & CnS Couples Poses

On Army Boy

Skin | Abyss

Hair | 99. Hair

Hair Base | Aitui

Tattoos | Para Designs

Piercings | Haus of Darcy

Facial War Paint | Little Pricks

Tank Top | Artilleri

Pants | TonkTastic

Boots | TonkTastic

Necklaces | Mandala & Fusion

Bracelets | Mandala

Gun | Syldavian

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