Batter Up

Anyone that’s had a conversation with me for longer than 15 minutes probably knows what a baseball fanatic I am. During the months of April through October, it’s just so hard for me to avoid going on a random tangent about what’s been going on. There’s just so much to love. Tallying the stats, the sportsmanship, the skill, the overall look and feel of a ballpark…Just so much history and just as much awesome.

Since as long as my memory serves, I’ve been involved in Tee-ball, Softball, Streetball with the boys, and even nowadays it’s slow pitch Beer Leagues (there’s no getting around that sports and alcohol = fun). Today I packed up the pitching machine and headed out to the park to take in some batting practice. Knocking around balls can always give one quite a workout…

All done here, but maybe I’ll go wander across the park and see if there’s any real “boys of summer” that wanna play further.

skin: league – sia
hair: truth
tattoo: chest piece: koqstar arms: aitui
tshirt: wwi
shorts: red dog gear
socks: boom
shoes: akeyo
towel: magic nook
bat: rc cluster

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