Cooking with Honey

Sometimes I like to get dirty, really dirty.

I love to get so dirty that words like spread, sticky, smear or smack might come out of my lips unexpectedly as I’m running my fingers over soft, and delicious.. dough.

Yes that is correct.. my dirty little secret is that I love to bake. I love to cook actually, namely breakfast for that special someone especially if a lot of sticky sweet smacking has just went on the night before.. you know the kind that I mean.

If you are like me you may have gained little cooking tips while also following a recipe. My grandmother always told me to follow the recipe but add something to it. For instance when I’m making pancakes I might add a dash of cinnamon to the batter.

Sometimes I get carried away with the flour and get some of the floor and I love to keep a clean kitchen. I find it best to strip down out of my nightie and really get into my cleaning because who wants pine sol on a silk negligée, it would surely be ruined.

It’s further important to clean while you are cooking because who wants to have a big mess to clean up after you are done? Not me.. so I always make sure I do whatever dishes that I’ve dirtied, and again its best to do this naked because if that special guy or girl wakes up and comes into the kitchen and chances are they will because.. the food is going to start smelling really good.. just imagine how wide his or her eyes will be while you are doing dishes, clad only in your heels and stockings?

It’s amazing. You might not even get to finish the food before they are turning to you for dessert. With as much food as I’ve cooked it seems like my special guest is asleep and I hate to waste food.. so now who wants to come and take her place?

Kitchen and all Poses/Props from the Castara Kitchen set at The Loft.
House: What Next Cottage.
Hair: Truth
Skin: League
Tattoo: Huz
Outfit in the first photo: Nylon Outfitters Ooh Lala Lingerie
Shoes: Baby T’s at Pixel Mode

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