The Neighbor

I love my summer home. It’s surrounded by a sparkling lake and inland ponds where I can boat and fish and swim. The house is cozy and comfortable, and I have a few great neighbors. There is one house just across the pond from me though… that is a bit suspicious. I hear people in there, and see lights moving through the windows, but I never see anyone come outside. How is that possible? Why would you live here if you don’t plan on enjoying what the land has to offer?

So the other day while lounging on my raft in the evening, looking up at the stars, I heard some clattering from the mystery house and decided to go knock and introduce myself.

I knocked on the door and, like a bad horror movie cliche, the door creaked open. I can’t actually deny that this didn’t freak me out. But really not half as much as slowly moving my way inside to discover there was no furniture. I know people live here, I hear them all the time.  How can there be no furniture??

I heard creaking upstairs, and because I’m a glutton for punishment, I decided to go check it out. That’s right, this is the part of the movie where you scream DON’T GO UP THERE!!! Don’t worry though, I don’t die.

While slowly making my way up the stairs I felt a sudden and familiar sensation… between my legs. Holy shit…. Ok, I have no idea what that was, but I can’t lie… I’m really not mad about it, because whatever it was… it was doing it right.

As I continued up the stairs the sensation hits me again and again, every few steps I take, I feel that very familiar jolt of electricity working it’s way through me. By the time I reach the top of the steps I’m quite ready to greet who or whatever has taken such an interest in me.  As I stand there looking around, my swimsuit is quickly and smoothly pulled down off of me and the sensation hits me stronger than before… I can’t help but give into the moment…

I stagger to the wall to brace myself while I felt myself being turned around, forcefully but not roughly.

My hands went up to the wall and I felt something slide………. over and over…… I can feel the presence of a man behind me, expertly having his way with me.  I give myself over to this phantom wave of pleasure until……..

UGH… as always, my pivotal moment…. brought me back to land of the conscious. It was all a dream.  Damn….

I woke up feeling irritated by my lack of finish to discover I had fallen asleep on my raft… right through the night.  It’s dawn and I turned to look at the creepy house…. oh… what do we have here?

Well, he may not be a mystery spirit lover, but I’m sure he has his own tricks to share.  I suppose time will tell…


On Ginger:

Hair – elikatira – Follow – Red 10
Skin – Glam Affair – Mary – Natural
Swimsuit – Addict – Speranza Swimsuit – Petal
Arm Tattoo – The Sea Hole – Fairy Story
Back Tattoo – MALICE – Dream
Facial Piercings – kOwP – Devotion

On the Ghostly and Not-So-Ghostly Neighbor (Portrayed by Special Guest Man Prop #2):

Skin – Toben T2 Purk – Kento
Hair – Ash: Espresso – NSD
Ears – Type 1 Strectched Ear Human 7/8″ – Aitui
Hairbase – Standard Hairbase 004 – Aitui
Facial Hair – Per Curled Scruff Black – Nanuk
Jeans – Open & Closed Jeans Blue – Ines Creations (Heavily photoshopped)
Finger tape – SiniStyle
Shoes – The Ashford Brogue: Grey – FIR & MNA


Spooky Home – Poetica – Mystic Cottage
Raft – La’Liscious Designs – Summer Fun Raft

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