After an exhaustive effort I’ve whittled down the list of boys … to one.

SLG waiting 1

Unusual, I know, typically I have a wait-list, prime candidates every one. But managing all of them becomes draining and sometimes it’s nice to have that one someone special.

SLG waiting 2

It’s a little unnerving, putting all of my effort into just one. It leaves me impatient. I’m used to having endless attention at my disposal. The benefit, though, is having someone who cares. That’s a fair trade-off for a few minutes kept waiting.

SLG waiting 3

Credits: Belleza Erika tan skin. EGO Gir mocha hair. TGIS Maxi Dress Zuri. Solange Fiesta black panties. Gos Pimp Your Pumps Classic Platform shoes. League Wanderer black jewelry. Savok Eva tattoo. Candy Nail Clear Glitter French Fresh nails. Amper Wham Bam lashes. Poetic Classic Tired Lilac eyes. Poses by LAP and Exposeur

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