Into the morning light

She looked palatable to me with her coiled blonde hair demurely tucked away, a mans shirt fluted around her delicate body and tie that hung between the gentle rise and fall of her breasts.

I was not after small talk, in fact during my set I had been eying her the entire night. She sat nursing some sort of fuzzy fruity pink drink. I needed to know if her lips tasted the same.

When I approached her she looked a bit nervous but quickly agreed to come back to my place for a drink. It wasn’t long though before I found myself peeling away the layers of her clothing and conversation to find the beauty of her skin beneath.

We played around and flirted pressing our bodies together sharing feisty kisses in-between bits of conversation and I found myself in my favorite position of straddling her lap with my fingers hooked around her tie pulling her towards my bedroom peeling away more clothes leaving a trail.

We paused at my bedroom door and she seemed to hesitate for a moment but I think the curiosity won her over. Any hesitation melted away as we tumbled unto my bed. We play wrestled a bit moving our lips over each others bodies still partially clothed.

She twined her fingers into my hair pulling my lips to hers again and again.

She confessed to me how she had been watching me on the stage during my routine and had wondered what it would be like to share a night like this with me. The more I kissed her the sweeter she tasted and I began to feel a bit drunk from the linger of her perfume and the taste of her skin.

I hooked my body around hers and we fell back against the pillows and the world seemed pink and cloudy just then. The rosy kiss of dawn poured through the window as we fell deeper into each others arms and what happened after?

Well I can’t tell you everything now can I? Some things are better left unsaid.


Almost the entire set except for one of the posters is from this wonderful store called Post.

On me:
Hair: Truth
Skin: League
Lingerie: BlackLace
Tie: Gisaci
Shoes: Pixel Mode
Tattoo: L.Inc
Pose in Pics 1-3 are from WetKat called Closer.
Pose in Photo’s 4 and 6 are from OoStudios
Pose in Photo’s 5 and 7 are from Meya.

On my lady prop:
Hair: Elikatira
Lingerie BlackLace
Overshirt: Niniko
Skin: Pink Fuel
Shoes: N-Core

About Honey Vesper

Honey Vesper is the much sexier doppelganger of Second Life Resident Sylvia Olivier. View all posts by Honey Vesper

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