Picture Perfect

I needed new pass photos for my ID renewal, so I hit one of those photo booths to make some. I hate pass photos, I always look horrible. More like your friendly neighborhood criminal.

While sitting there and trying to look my best, I thought it would be much more fun to make him a little preview of the fun shopping for the weekend  which I just did, so after peeking out from under the booth’s curtain to make sure the coast was clear, I decided to give it a go…..

Let me tell you, those cabins are too small to get comfortably undressed, but hey… it’s the effect that counts, no?

For your shopping list:

Hair Bell (Cornsilk) by Analog Dog
Skin: Grace by Atomic
Ears: Elven ears 1 by Illusory
Glasses: Gregoire by Entente
Tatoo: You asked for Love by Inflict
Top: dirndl by d.select
Cardigan: Impromptu by Fishy Strawberry
Undies: Little Ache by Kyoot
Poses by Rack (including the cuffs)
Photo booth by Nylon Outfitters

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