Thirty Minutes or Less

Did you miss me? I know it’s been awhile and I wont bore you with the details but lets.. just say I’ve been kept busy.

So the other day I was laying there in my bed.. trying to sleep off a bit of a hangover and there is a knock on the door.. and well I tried to wish it away but it kept on getting more and more persistent. So I stomped out of bed forgetting to cover up with my robe and swung open the door…

So anyhow.. Imagine his surprise and mine for that matter when I swing open the door rubbing my eyes and manage to ask.. “What do you want?” He took a moment to form his words and stammers out.. “I have the pizza that you ordered Miss Vesper”. I look at him and ask, “Pizza?” “I did not order a Pizza..”

He regains his composure a bit and furrows his brows.. “Well it seems that either you did or someone else did but either way I’m not leaving without my money!” I roll my eyes at him slightly annoyed but then look him over closer and well he’s kinda cute. I smile up at him and bat my eyelashes.. “Well do you have change for $100?”

He shakes his head no.. and then I pull him inside over to the counter.. and say.. “I’m sure there is something that we can do for your trouble and I start to unzip his pants which flusters him even more.. but I can tell that he’s into it.

He starts to talk but I put a finger over his lips and shake my head.. it’s better when they don’t talk anyhow. He quickly makes up for his intrusive knock on my door by quickly getting me in the mood. His fingers, his tongue make my body stir with anticipation and need.

He takes off my panties all quick like and I have to laugh as I think of things like “30 Minutes or less.. ” or “Extra Sausage..” Dirty vile things come to my head and I’m quickly into this romp more than I expected.

He is an excellent kisser and my body responds so well under his touch. Sex with a stranger has never been so good and all because of a prank pulled on me probably by the neighborhood kids. Our kisses become more urgent and suddenly we are both on the counter and our bodies connect in a delicious way.

We spend much of the afternoon doing the same thing over and over again in all different parts of the house. I don’t think to ask him his name and he does not ask mine… but the pizza box is left on the floor and I know that I’ll be ordering out some time again soon.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair – Josie, from Exile
Skin – Emma from Lara Hurley
Makeup (Eyes) Renegade Princess – Boom
Makeup (Lips) Homocide – Pekka
Panties – Special Jerk by Tarnished
Feet – Slink Mesh Feet
Necklace – HOD Nothings Necklace
Tattoo – SYS for Back to Black Fair
Couples Poses – Exposuer
Single Pose at the Door – Geez for Back to Black Fair

House and Kitchen – Funky Junk
Bedroom Set – Cheeky Pea
Piano and Music Stuff – Lisp
Living room Set – The Loft

Man Prop..
Who cares, I didn’t even ask his name..

About Honey Vesper

Honey Vesper is the much sexier doppelganger of Second Life Resident Sylvia Olivier. View all posts by Honey Vesper

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